Keitt / Noamy / Ewais


Keitt have a tangy sweet flavor, oblong in shape with a pale to dark green skin, fiber-free with a thin seed, allowing for a greater amount of smooth-textured, orange-yellow flesh.


Naomi trees are one of the top quality found in Egypt proven to be present everywhere and withstand all weather conditions. Naomi is regularly grown and strong in its intensive green growth and high harvest. its peel is green and red and has a small seed despite the size of the fruit and does not contain fibers.


One of the best types of mango, It differs in taste from other types originating in the area near the Suez Canal, Egypt and was named by king of Egypt Ismail Basha- 1840 .  Average size and average weight 250g.  length from 10: 12 cm, the width is 7 cm, and the thickness is 6 cm,  color is yellow tends to red in some fruits.  smooth and thick and difficult to penetrate for the fruit shrew, the inner pulp is yellow.  seed is medium and does not contain fibers  flavor that surprises those who have never tried it.

Mango Details



Packing Carton: 5Kg10KgBox 15Kg
Piece Weight: 150-350grm****
No.Carton /Box In Pallet: 140 Box12080
No.Carton /Box IN Container : 280016001600
Pallet Dimension / M: 1*1.2 M ****
No.Pallet / Container: 20 ****
Container Weight : 14 T16 T24 T
Storing: 12º For 36 Days
Humidity : 85% - 90%