Medium to large size fruits and have a round, block-like appearance with faintly squared shoulders and a multi-pointed calyx at the top of the fruit. Each seed is generally red angular, and hard or soft, contributing a crunchy consistency, and is enveloped in a translucent, fleshy coating known as the aril.sweet-tart taste with tangy, fruity, and mildly acidic notes combined with rhubarb, cranberry, grape, and red currant nuances.

Pomegrante Details

Packing: Carton 5 Kg
Weight: 550-950 Gr
Piece: 9-12
No.Carton /Plastic Box In Pallet: 180
No.Carton/Plastic Box In Container: 3600
Pallet Dimension / M: 1*1.2
No.Pallet / Container: 20
Container Net Weight: 18 Ton
Storing: 7º for 3 Months
Humidity : 90%