Beef / Roma / Cherry

Beef Tomatoes

tomatoes are large, sturdy, and firm enough to hold their shape when being thinly sliced.They’re also mild in taste and juicy, making them a good choice for canning or sauce-making.

Roma Tomatoes

are larger than cherry tomatoes. also known as plum tomatoes. They’re naturally sweet and juicy, making them a solid choice for canning or making sauces.

Cherry Tomatoes

are round, bite-sized, and so juicy , they may pop when you bite into them, Cherry tomatoes are much sweeter than large tomatoes The flavor will be a fine balance of sweet and tart. Like all tomatoes.

Tomato Details



Packing: Plastic BoxCartonPunnet
Packing Wieght: 5/10Kg5/10Kg2.5/5kg
No.Carton / Pallet: 150/100150/100210/150
No.Carton / Container : 3000/20003000/20004200/3000
NO.Piece: 25/30 Carton50/60 Carton14/20 punnet
Piece Wieght: 180-200gr60-90gr15-20gr
No. Pallet / Container: 20 ****
Pallet Dimension / M: 1*1.2 M ****
Container Wieght : 15T/20T15T/20T10.5T/15T
Storing : 10º For 20 Day
Humidity: 90%